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Vision trust us to bring vision and originality
Collaborative trust us to work well with your team
Clarity trust us to offer clarity of thought and expression
Strategic trust us to take the long view
Understand trust us to understand your business
Accountable trust us to share the responsibility
Relief trust us to take a load off your mind
Value trust us to generate value
Process trust us to plan and deliver projects with care

We are a strategic consultancy that specializes in publishing and membership

Alternative media, squeezed resources and new technologies are demanding a rethink of business models, sales and marketing strategies, and customer relationship management. Progressive societies and publishers must adapt their marketing activities and skills to this shifting environment. We help you make that transition.

What they say

TBI develop an in-depth knowledge of their clients' requirements, the sectors they work in, the opportunities and challenges this presents. Their expertise in developing strategies and their strengths in communications combined with their flexible approach mean their work is consistently of the highest standard. In summary, they are a pleasure to work with!"

- Brian Mitchell, Head of Web Services, JISC Collections

Twitter updates

  • 3 days 2 hours ago RT @alicejmeadows: Now showing slide from Chalancon's slide on how do I search for new papers - no mention of library! #uksglive
  • 3 days 20 hours ago Getting ready to talk about DIY Market Research at #uksglive !
  • 4 days 1 hour ago Thanks to @berniefolan, Carol Tenopir & David Nicholas, @ernestopriego and @GChalancon for a great plenary #uksglive
  • 4 days 1 hour ago GC: future of digital scholarship: greater platform compatibility, more functionality in ref mgrs, interoperability #uksglive
  • 4 days 1 hour ago GC: recommendation engines in ref managers a powerful tool for discovery #uksglive
  • 4 days 1 hour ago GC: identify sources, digest the information and prepare for final step of reuse (e.g.citation) #uksglive